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PosiTech® International, headquartered in Wheeling, WV, is divided into three main operating divisions. The first is an OEM Custom Engineered Modular Packages division. This division is a one stop, complete design, service and manufacturer of custom heat transfer packages primarily for the small to medium need OEM.This typical customer will have a heat transfer need for 1 to 3,000 units annually, and need engineering support because this equipment requires engine cooling capabilities beyond the conventional packages supplied by engine suppliers.

PosiTech®'s heat transfer design engineers have over 50 years combined design experience for the military, aviation and industrial applications. Either individual units or complete "drop-in" modular packages can be purchased.

PosiTech®'s engineers can design a package for customer's utilizing existing fans, pumps and motors, or it can design from scratch. In an effort to fill the needs of our customers the fans, pumps, or motors can be purchased from PosiTech® as part of the package - or we can work with the manufacturer and supply you, the customer, the model and serial number and let the customer purchase these items directly.

PosiTech® can design single or multi circuit packages. We have designed and manufactured up to a seven circuit unit complete with a removable frame to allow access for cleaning - per the customers request.

The modular packages can include radiators, air to oil coolers, air to air coolers, transmission coolers, engine coolers, and hydraulic coolers. The packages can include the frame, shroud, core guard, fan guard, surge tank and any other need the customer requests. Please visit the Custom Engineered Modular Packages link for further details.

The Aviation Division is a fully accredited Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair station - station number CRS PC8R209J. It supplies to both the certified general aviation industry as well as the experimental market. The Aviation Division is the only FAA authorized oil cooler nu-core facility. This capability allows our customers to experience savings at 30% to 60% off of new with a warranty that exceeds that of new.

Our customers experience the quality, security and performance of the most technologically designed bar and plate vacuum brazed cores available. These core sections replace the original cores in their oil coolers, while reusing the tanks. Considering most coolers are 10, 20, even 40 years old and are made with out of date designs - our customers experience both the cost savings of having a nu-core and the performance and quality of the best design possible.

The facility is one of the few designated controlled capability list centers in the country. In addition to oil coolers, we also provide certified and reconditioned vernatherms that are cleaned and tested to meet OEM specifications, while offering our customers savings of up to 70% off of new.

The newest addition to the the certified line are repaired oil pumps. The division also works with OEMs and experimental owners and designers. We offer engineering services to the OEM.
Please visit the Aviation Division link for further details.

The company originally started with what is now our Industrial Division. The Industrial Division manufactures, distributes, rebuilds, and remanufactures shell and bundle, flat plate, air-to-oil, air-to-air, marine, tube bundle, mechanically bounded and bottom tank coolers.

The Industrial Division also includes our newest line, Advanced Intercooling Systems intercoolers. AIS intercoolers are high performance intercoolers for the performance automotive market. Please visit the AIS link for further details.

The manufactured new and remanufactured or rebuild coolers offer our customers savings of 30% to 70% off of new, while providing the security of an industry leading warranty which exceeds that of new OEM coolers.

Our customers receive the quality that comes through incorporating technology such as eddy current, induction heat, vibronics, CNC controlled manufacturing, fiber optics, over 100 tools and machines specially designed for one purpose - to supply our customers with the highest quality, complete flexibility and cost savings that comes from innovation and technology.

The division offers customers custom manufactured bottom tank concentric coolers within 24 hours, shell and bundle coolers that to quantify the amount of remaining tube wall in the tubes, or manufactured new bundles to meet OEM tube spacing, baffle design and baffle spacing and re-installed in the original housing. It also offers rebuilt flat plate coolers that incorporate specialized chemicals, vibronics and fiber optic inspection to clean and verify that the unit is free of contamination. We also offer our customers bottom tank coolers and tube bundles.

The division offers two types of air-to-oil coolers - aluminum bar and plate and copper round tube. The aluminum bar and plate incorporates the same design as utilized in our FAA certified products. These products can save our customers literally thousands of dollars over OEM replacements.

Our customer can decide between remanufactured and new air-to-air coolers. These core utilize the same design as our FAA certified line as well. By offering a life time leak free warranty our customers will never have to pay for a replacement charge air cooler again. Considering an SAE study found that the average charge air cooler from the OEM fails in about 4 to 4 1/2 years, that all OEM charge air coolers actually have a leak spec in which they allow a given leak over 5 to 10 minutes, and that a failed charge air cooler can result in fuel being wasted, engines losing boost or even failing prematurely. Our replacement charge air coolers save 30% to 60% off OEM new at purchase, and potentially save thousands of dollars over the life a customer owns the vehicle. For more information, please visit the specific product link.

Company History
The company, founded by Bill Blair in 1985, is a third generation family owned and operated business which has direct roots from the radiator repair shop Bill and Reece Blair started Blair Radiator in 1944.

PosiTech® began as Posi-Clean Corp. to address a need for the radiator service industry. The firm realized damaged, worn and clogged oil coolers were routinely being discarded by customers in lots of twos and threes. High cost, OEM, new coolers regularly were specified as replacements. Bill Blair led the charge to utilize technology from differing industries to solve the specific obstacles of rebuilding and remanufacturing oil coolers.

With limited market intelligence, two employees, personal equity financing and a strong belief that a quality rebuilt cooler would be performance worthy, Bill Blair embarked on a 20 year commitment for PosiTech®.

The original effort involved innovative application of eddy current and induction heating technologies heretofore available, but not used in this manner. Customized equipment was designed, manufactured and added to increase cleaning and quality control capabilities.

Bill and his team either designed, or worked with equipment manufactured to redesign, over 100 tools and machines that cleaned, built and tested oil coolers. It was important to Bill to use technology to quantify the rebuild and remanufacturing process.

Sophisticated ultra sound, induction heating sensitive process, and analytical equipment was added to increase the cleaning and quality control. Complete tear down, replacements and reassembly of core tube bundles and cooler housing was systemized, and production line efficiencies completed 800 to 1000 unit per month throughput volume.

The end result was performance worthiness of engine and oil coolers at 30 to 70 percent less than new OEM replacements. The vision of Bill Blair, and his company took "cleaning" used oil cooler out of flush and bake operations which had high failure rates, and turned his vision into a new industry for the reuse of oil coolers.

By mid 1987, ten production people, fully trained and certified equipment operators were employed. Cooler repair and replacement orders were routinely being supplied for Detroit Diesel, Reman Centers, Komatsu, America International Corp, Modine, and almost all models of any OEM equipment, through an OEM equipment dealer. By mid 1988 the operation moved to a 30,000 sq. ft. three story building in South Wheeling, featuring $1 million in sophisticated high tech equipment and 28 employees.

PosiTech® developed the industry's most comprehensive oil cooler catalog to make researching oil cooler requirements as easy as possible for the customer.

PosiTech® tooled up to meet steady growth in the demand for products requiring original manufacturing; and addressed a demand for more products as well. The firm then recognized the need for similar products in the general aviation market and started a four year research, development and certification process. PosiTech® was the first firm to become certified by the FAA to replace the cores of original certified general aviation oil coolers with its nu-core process and offering its customers the benefits of a new core with the cost savings. The company holds a U.S. patent for re-coring general aviation oil coolers.

By the mid 1990's, the firm had sales increases of 600 percent, was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America. PosiTech® and Bill Blair received numerous accolades, including but not limited to WV Exporter of the Year, 10 Best WV Companies awards and Blair was an Entrepreneur of the Year honoree.

In 1996 the company experienced a devastating fire that destroyed the 30,000 sq. ft., three story building. The operations were in a temporary facility owned by the company while its new facility was being built. During this time the temporary facility was hit with a 100 year flood. With the help of it's employees, equipment was loaded on tanks during the early morning hours as flood water slowly surrounded the building. The firm moved into its new building well before the building was ready for the firm. With Blair's commitment to his employees, customers and company, the firm not only survived, but prospered.

In 2003, the company recognized the need for complete engineering, design and supply for medium to small OEMs (3000 per year to 1 per year volume).Trained employees were added, heat transfer design engineers were added to the staff, CAD/CAM and fin design software was added. The firm now serves OEMs in the military, power units, locomotive, bus, agricultural/farming, emergency vehicles, aircraft support systems, compressors, mobil cranes market and more.

Today PosiTech® owns and operates a 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and office plant in Wheeling, WV. The firm ships to all 50 states and 25 foreign countries.

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