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PosiTech® International has available over 70 remanufactured and new charge air coolers for over-the-road class 7 and 8 trucks. Our remanufactured unit has a brand new core welded to the original tanks. The core features the latest in vacuum oven brazed bar and plate design. If you have a cooler not mentioned here call us. We may have it or be able to service yours.

Design Overview
All our charge air coolers incorporate tube bar and plate design. This design is more costly for the truck manufacturer to supply as new - but over the life of your truck it saves you a lot of money. To begin to understand the difference, a SAE (society of automotive engineers) study found that over the 98% of all failures are directly or indirectly related to the header bar used in the core construction (for more information, see our Charge Oil Cooler Fact Sheet and Compare Our Charge Air Coolers with Other Styles links below).

The typical OEM and most replacement units use a style of tube that has an average wall of .028" thick. Because the header strength is related to over 98% of all failures, all PosiTech® cores have .302" thick bars at the header. This is 1000% more material at the critical strength point.

The validity of this design can be exemplified by the fact that this is the same design that is used in our FAA certified line of coolers (FAA Station # PC8R209J). In part because of this design, we were the first company in history to gain FAA approval for replacing cores on general aviation oil coolers - just like we do for charge air coolers.

OEM units, and nearly all replacement units, have a 'leak-spec', which they allow the charge air cooler to leak over time. A faulty unit can increase exhaust manifold temperatures, increase fuel consumption, increase emissions and reduce the useful life of the engine.

With a PosiTech® remanufactured or new charge air cooler - you will never have to worry about these problems, and you will never have to buy another replacement charge air cooler for your truck again. Given this, the average charge air cooler fails every three and half to four years. This can add up to thousands of dollars of savings.

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