Air-to-Oil Coolers

Heavy-Duty Industrial Air-to-Oil Coolers
PosiTech® International manufactures custom air-cooled oil coolers in copper, steel and aluminum with fin per inch capability ranging from 7 to 14. We can custom manufacture for you with a four day turn around. PosiTech® International manufactures replacement air-cooled oil coolers for such applications as Gardner-denver, Ingersoll-Rand, Sullair and Drill Tek.

If you have an air-to-oil cooler not mentioned here, call us. We may have it or be able to manufacture it for you. Click here for a Custom Manufactured Cooler Order Form (PDF file). Fill it out and fax it in to us

PC# 1712
PC# 1712
OEM Part No. - 62562C1
International Transmission Oil Cooler; Fits: TD250-C; Net Wt. 110 Lbs.

The Aluminum Air-to-Oil cooler is an effective unit offering maximum heat transfer for a given surface area. Aluminum units have limitations in environments that are corrosive, have high stress or kicked up debris, or pressure ratings that exceed 400/PSI. We use the same bar and plate design in our aluminum coolers as in our FAA approved line of coolers. The bar and plate offers much greater strength than extruded tube alternatives.

Aluminum Air- to-Oil Cooler
If you need a replacement aluminum air-to-oil, we can help. We offer cores with standard pressure ratings of 150/PSI or 400/PSI. Standard core thickness are 1 1/4", 2 1/4", 3 1/2" and 4 1/2". Header heights range from 8" to 60" and core width range from 4" to 244". If you need a different size unit, we can custom make any thickness width and up to 120" header height in either 150 or 400 rating.

Round Copper Tube

The round copper tube air-to-oil cooler is an excellent cooler for units that are in a corrosive environment, high stress or kicked up debris and pressure exceeds in excess of 400 PSI. All our round copper tube coolers have specially manufactured turburlators installed in each tube to maximize the heat transfer of each unit.

If you need a replacement copper tube air-to-oil, we can help. We custom make units from 1 row to 8 rows thick. Headers range from 8" to 60" and widths from 4" to 96".


We allow you to choose the easiest way for you to build replacement units. You can send us a hand drawing of the unit, we will review, discuss any questions and have you sign off on a final print from which we will build. If you prefer not to make a drawing, you can choose to ship the unit into us, and we will build your replacement from your original unit.

Light-Duty Industrial Air-to-Oil Coolers

PosiTech® International has over 14different sizes available, ranging in height from 4" to 42", widths from 15" to 42" and thickness from 1 1/2" to 3". Light duty air-to-oil coolers are available for gear box, mobile hydraulics, engine, fuel and torque converter applications.

PC#'s 2601, 2608, 2609
PC#'s 2601, 2608, 2609

Engineered Units and Modular Packages
If you have performance specifications, one of our heat transfer design engineers will develop a unit that can meet your requirements. We can work with existing fan, pumps, frames, etc., or develop from scratch.

If you want a modular package - we can supply. Our modular packages can include any or all of the following:

• Radiator (Aluminum, copper, or brass)
• Air-to-Oil Cooler
• Air-to-Air Cooler
• Hydraulic Cooler
• Shrouds
• Frames
• Fans
• Pumps
• Surge Tanks

For more information, please see our Custom Engineered Modular Packages product link.

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