Aviation Division

Certified Products and Services
PosiTech® International cleans, repairs, overhauls, and recores oil coolers, intercoolers, and vernatherms for certified general aviation aircrafts. All general aircraft services are backed with a 1 year/1000 hour warranty. Recore units are backed with a 2 year/2000 hour warranty. We carry a large inventory of finished part for immediate devlivery.

PosiTech® International is now offering testing certification of aircraft vernatherm temperature control valves for reciprocating engines, offering confidence and piece of mind that your valve is operating within service requirements. The process saves you money up front by not just replacing all vernatherms with costly unnecessary new units after engine installation to only find out the vernatherm is not operating to proper specification, but presents wasted time.

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New Experimental Aircraft & Plane Kit Coolers
PosiTech® International manufactures and distributes new oil coolers for experimental aircraft, home builds and kit planes, for such applications as RV - 4, 6 & 8, Glastar, Lancair and Europa. All experimental aircraft oil coolers are backed with a 2 year/2000hr warranty. PosiTech® International products are competitively priced, with savings up to 40% when compared to OEM and other alternate aftermarket sources. Rigorous quality control standards allow you to benefit from quality at aftermarket price levels. The Aviation Division, using the PosiClean® Process, is the largest re-builder and remanufacturer of oil coolers used on all reciprocating engines.

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