Bottom Tank Radiator Coolers

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PosiTech® International has many different types of bottom tank plate oil coolers used in plastic and brass tank design. We also carry the largest selection of industrial plate oil coolers. If you have an oil cooler not listed, please call us. We may have since acquired it.

Bottom Tank Radiator Oil Cooler (Plate Type)
PosiTech® distributes a complete line of new bottom tank plate coolers. In stock items range from 1 to 22 plates, made with 8 1/2 to 18 inch centers.

Bottom Tank Radiator Oil Cooler - Plate Type

Bottom Tank Radiator Oil Cooler (Concentric Type)
PosiTech® custom manufactures concentric coolers in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 barrel designs. Tube sizes available range from 3/4" to 2" with a complete list of fittings available.

Concentric coolers are custom made to your specifications and can usually ship the following day, and in certain circumstances the same day.

Bottom Tank Radiator Cooler - Concentric Type

Bottom Tank Radiator Oil Cooler (Shell & Tube Bundle Type)
PosiTech® International manufactures bottom tank radiator shell and tube bundle type oil coolers for applications such as Michigan, Euclid, Mack, Dart, and Wabco. PosiTech® International has the capacity to manufacture or service almost any style oil cooler. If you have a cooler not mentioned here, call us. We may have it or be able to service yours.

Pictured above: (left) A PosiTech® manufactured new copper tube bundle
before installation into bottom tank of the cooler (right).

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