Core Exchange Policy

To expedite delivery of a product the customer may choose to purchase a cooler from PosiTech® stock. If the unit is rebuilt or remanufactured a return core will be owed. The customer will be billed a core charge at the time of purchase that will be offset with an equal credit upon the return of an acceptable core. If the customer does not return the core within six (6) months of purchase the core charge will become final and acceptance of an offsetting core will be at PosiTech®'s discretion. An acceptable core must be of like model and part number as unit purchased.

The core must be a complete assembly as removed from the engine. It must not be or have been disassembled or tampered with. If the customers core is cracked or has been previously repaired or has surface damage, the core charge is applicable. Only one (1) core credit is allowed per unit purchased. Core credits can only be used to offset core charges. Return freight is the responsibility of the customer.

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