Flat Plate Coolers

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PosiTech® International rebuilds and distributes more new types of oil coolers than any other company in the world. Our products are competitively priced when compared to OEM and other alternative aftermarket sources. PosiTech® International is continually adding new products to its line. If you don't see a product listed in our catalog, please contact us. We may have since manufactured or acquired it. We can custom make a product to your specifications.

Pictured above: (left) PC# 1304, (top right) PC# 1311, (bottom right) PC# 1307.

PosiTech® sells new engine mounted and bottom tank coolers. New units are built to original specifications and can cost up to 60% less than OEM units.

PosiTech® rebuilds engine mounted flat plate coolers. Our proprietary process includes:

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